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Sad Times

If time is infinite, then at some point in the endless future it is almost certain that time-travel will be invented.
In fact, if time is infinite then there are currently an infinite number of time-travellers travelling through time right now.
Yet… No-one shows up here at this specific time.

This means either, time is infact not infinite.
Or… time travel is totally impossible and will never be invented… Ever.
Or both.

Sad times.
The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect says one flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tsunami. Seems a bit far-fetched if you ask me.
I personally think butterflies caused 9/11. I’m just saying… A tsunami’s not really their style. And how do you even PLAN a tsunami? Butterflies don’t have the technology to cause such massive tidal displacement, let alone the infrastructure to manage the execution.

The Queen of England

The Queen doesn’t have many powers, bless her.

In fact one of the only powers she actually does have is the power to give it all up. Take the cumulative wealth of the royal family, their massive property portfolio and their seemingly endless stockpile of blood-money and give it away to a worthy charity or cause. But she doesn’t do it, and I think this is very telling.

Not only does the queen think there SHOULD be a queen… which is fucking stupid…

But the queen thinks SHE should be queen. Specifically.

And what sort of person actually thinks they should be queen?
A fucking sociopath. Oh I don’t know maybe the woman who’s been married to a known racist for 60 years? Yeah her.

We are the 99%

Do you think the bankers on Wall Street actually care about the whole ‘99% vs the 1%’ thing??

Especially when you consider that only about 1% of the 99% would actually show up to a protest?
That leaves about 98% of the general public at home, slurping up another pot of KFC beans and masturbating over Jeremy Kyle.
Do you think the Rockefellers ever wake up in the morning, scared that people aren’t conformists anymore?
"Dad! I’m scared, are people still conformists?"
"Well, let me ask you this son, do sports fans still exist?"
"OK well, does fashion still exist?"
"And what about national pride son, does that still exist?"
"Well I think that answers your question." 
"Oh, thanks Dad."
"Hey son could you hand me that dagger? It’s 7 in the morning and I haven’t yet made a blood sacrifice to Satan."
"Oh Dad, hahaha."
"Oh son, hahaha, lay down on the table."
Joke that is not a joke
David Cameron has sold guns in the Middle East.
Thousands upon thousands of guns.
And nobody gives a shit.
Now imagine David Cameron sold just one, little, gun… to a kid in London.
Wouldn’t that just be terrible?
Wouldn’t he be considered a bad person for doing such a thing?
Wouldn’t he have to resign over something like that?
…. I never wrote a punchline for that joke.
Poem that is not a poem

Have you ever tried showing your parents or your grandparents how to use a computer? And most of the time they’re not even interested in learning?

It’s that generation… The people stuck in their ways. It’s their baggage we have to get past in order to progress as a species.

Bureaucracy, inequality, nationality, religion… that’s all their shit.

They perpetuated it… And now we’re stuck in this place where we’re in an office all day, trapped in rent and monetary obligations, too busy to fix anything.

I see a dying generation, uninterested in the future of technology and therefore uninterested in the future of the human race.

I see them fucking things up as they die.

You can now follow me on Instagram!

You can now follow me on Instagram!

The Avengers, Star Trek, Pacific Rim and Man of Steel summarised.

The Avengers, Star Trek, Pacific Rim and Man of Steel summarised.

Went to Tokyo. Saw this little guy trying to get some shut-eye in the red light district. Shoulda bought him

Went to Tokyo. Saw this little guy trying to get some shut-eye in the red light district. Shoulda bought him


The Engagement Ring
A comic by Ross Plaskow

The Engagement Ring

A comic by Ross Plaskow

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